Frequently Asked Questions

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Hosting at the the Price Point You Like.

Here at Hippy Hosting, we are delighted to be able to provide the best of value, speed, performance, and price for a managed WordPress hosting experience.

You do not need to mess with settings on the server, via a control panel, or anywhere else except your WordPress website.


Some of the common questions that you may have for us, before considering a subscription with us.

Who is this hosting suitable for?

If you have a website that you simply want to hand off and not worry about most of its functionalities except for you or your team members to change content on the website, then this subscription is for you.

Who is this hosting *not* suitable for?

Our hosting is not suitable for clients with demanding needs.

If you need server, root, and even control panel access, plus hand-holding 24 hours a day, because you want everything under your control with people at your beck and call, then our hosting is absolutely not suitable for you.

What happens after I subscribe?

Once we receive your order during our regular working hours between 11 am to 6 pm Mondays to Fridays (excluding after hours, weekends, and public holidays), we will setup your WordPress instance within 24 hours.

We will need your DNS manager, and existing WordPress backend access. We require administrative access for BOTH of these to perform the migration.

We will only migrate once. A second migration for the same website will be chargeable at $95 per migration.

Do you have shared hosting?


Do we renew at the same price?


Same price every year until we feel that inflation or whichever vendor we work with is really costing us an arm and leg, if not the prices stay the same.

Is there a further discount for annual plans?

This is already the best value we can offer for your needs, so we do not offer further discounts.

Hidden charges, other fees?

We only have one subscription plan per WordPress install. Billed annually. Whatever is stated there, you will get it at the stated price.

You can make purchase for add-ons, or unless you want us to, for whatever reason, perform server maintenance, website care, etc, you won't see additional charges.

What are the support hours?

We will reply to your tickets, and respond to your issues during our business hours of 10 am to 7 pm, Singapore Standard Time.

You will be able to send us tickets at any time of the day, no matter the time zone.

We do not include rapid response in our subscription for us to respond to white screen of death, or website downtime caused by your usage of your website. That requires an active website care plan with us.

We always recommend keeping another off-site backup of your website as a security measure. We also recommend you take a full website backup before you do any updating of your website (be it WordPress core, theme, plugins, and/or content).

How do you handle abuse?

Websites: You can simply contact us if you find an offending website.

Our platform: We will reach out to you to have a private discussion, when and if we find that your website or content has been reported as offensive or abused.

Our staff and employees: We have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse and mistreatment of our staff. Do not expect any customer service recovery, or refunds if you decide to be nasty.

Do you have a refund policy?

You can view our Refund policy.

Our refund policy differs from our 7 days money back guarantee. We recommend reaching out on your 5th or 6th day with us to utilise the money back guarantee. This will help especially if you reach out to us over the weekend or a public holiday. We highly recommend not waiting till the last moment or day to utilise this.

The money back guarantee is only valid for new customers. We define new customers as customers who has not subscribed with us using the same card.

i.e. if you signed up using 2 different email accounts, and both accounts have the same card on file, the 2nd account (and any account beyond that) will not be eligible for this guarantee.

That is just one example. If you are unsure, reach out to us to make clarifications.

On the 8th day onward after using our platform, and you feel that you do not want to proceed with us, your remaining term will be valid for access till the end of your subscription period. After that, you will not be charged for renewal.

Why don't you get started?

We do not offer a trial, but we are have a 3 days refund guarantee!

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